Top 5 Bookshops Websites in Kenya

List of established bookshops in Kenya where you can buy education books, Christian books, novels, drawing books, etc. Most of the bookstores listed below are located in Nairobi but they offer delivery for online orders. We have ranked the bookshop websites according to popularity


Textbook centre is one of the largest bookshops that supplies stationery, schoolbooks, computer supplies and other educational materials.


Nuria Bookstore is a bookshop that sells books, accessories, gift cards, games, etc. You can shop for books online or visit their physical store.


Prestige bookshop is one of the best booksellers in Kenya. They sell fiction, children books, Christian books, Economics, and also Health and relationships among others.


Soma Nami is a bookstore that focuses on selling African literature books. Soma Nami also has a book club where friends gather share stories about the best books that they gave read.


Africanbookhub is an online bookstore that sells personal development, parenting, motivational, fiction, and chrisitan books. Although its name depicts it as a book store that sells African books, most of its books are for non-African authors

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