What Kenya Government Is Doing To Advance Technological Innovation - CS Machogu

What Kenya Government Is Doing To Advance Technological Innovation - CS Machogu

Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu’s statement on what the government of Kenya is doing to advance technological innovation within the education, agriculture, climate action, financial technology, housing, transport, and health sector. He was speaking at the Economics Students Association of Kenya (KESA)’s Tech and Innovation Summit - 2024/2025 Edition. Below is what he had to say.

Steps Taken By the Kenyan Government to Advance Technological Innovation in Various Sectors

As we convene to explore innovative solutions in agriculture, climate action, financial technology, housing, transport, and health innovation for sustainable living, it is paramount to recognize the pivotal role that technology and innovation play in shaping the future of our nation. In this context, I emphasize the crucial importance of government involvement in advancing technological innovation within the education sector.

We acknowledge the indispensable role of technology and innovation in driving economic growth, enhancing competitiveness, and fostering sustainable development. To this end, the government is steadfast in increasing support for initiatives that promote technological advancement within the education sector. In this regard, we commend KESA and other youth organizations for championing such forums, which harness the energy and creativity of our youth in driving positive change and policies.

Digital Hubs in Wards

One such initiative is the expansion of digital hubs in all the 1450 wards in the country, championed by our President, Dr. William Ruto, to provide youth with access to cutting-edge technology, innovation-enabling resources, and job opportunities. These hubs will serve as incubators for innovation, fostering collaboration, creativity, and entrepreneurship among our youth.

The government is committed to strengthening technical institutions and vocational training centers, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age. By investing in technical education, we aim to bridge the skills gap and empower our youth to pursue careers in high-demand fields.

The Open University of Kenya - Technology-Oriented Learning Institution

I am delighted to for the establishment of The Open University of Kenya, dedicated to promoting lifelong learning, innovation, and inclusive access to education. This institution will leverage technology to deliver quality education to individuals across the country, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

Integrating Technology into the Education Curriculum

In line with our commitment to excellence, the government will periodically undertake comprehensive reviews of the education curriculum to ensure its relevance in the digital era. These reviews will incorporate input from industry experts, educators, and stakeholders, with a focus on integrating technology, entrepreneurship, and critical thinking skills into the curriculum. KESA has played a vital role in providing such a rich forum, and I commend them for their efforts in uniting all stakeholders in building a comprehensive society of economic contributors.

The government of Kenya is fully committed to harnessing the power of technology and innovation to transform our education sector and empower our youth to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Together, let us embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and work tirelessly towards a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future for all.

As we gather here for the Tech and Innovation Summit, we must recognize that the fusion of youth potential in tech and innovation is a recipe for inclusive and accelerated socio-economic development. Kenya's role in promoting innovative skills is commendable, but the journey does not end here. Let us work together to ensure that young people become part of the solution, driving us towards a future where innovation knows no bounds, and are crucial in solving emerging crisis like unemployment and the cost of living.

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