CS Kuria on launch of WAGENZI Internship Program

CS Kuria on launch of WAGENZI Internship Program

The Ministry of Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management Cabinet Secretary has today announced that the government intends to launch "WAGENZI" internship program to ensure that all graduates get internships in government and private corporations. Below is what CS Kuria had to say about Wagenzi.

WAGENZI Internship Program

CS Kuria noted that "… I met the technical team working on the launch of a Mega internship program, "WAGENZI" and I have committed to work extra hard and ensure most if not all our graduates get job placements either in Government, the private sector, or even Job exports outside the country."

The CS indicated that the reasoning behind the launch is to make it easy for students to get internships, which helps in acquiring the experience needed for employment.

"The government invests a lot of resources in the education sector, but we then let these graduates waste in society. The biggest tragedy in our country is the unemployment of the youth, and this will not be allowed to continue under the Kenya Kwanza Administration."

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