NCBA on Sponsoring over 150 Students with Education Scholarships

NCBA on Sponsoring over 150 Students with Education Scholarships

NCBA bank has today announced that it will this year sponsor over 150 students to various secondary schools under the Education Sponsorship programme in collaboration with its partners. Over Ksh. 10 million has been invested in the sponsorship programme. 

NCBA Education Sponsorship

According to NCBA Group Chairman James Ndegwa, together with partners, NBA will sponsor 55 students under the Dr.Choksey Albinism Foundation, 2 under M-PESA Foundation Academy,16 under the Edumed Trust, 9 under SOS Children's Villages in Kenya, 2 under Daraja Civic Initiatives Forum and 68 under The Palmhouse Foundation. 

James added that "Through KenSAP Inc, 15 students will gain access to Ivy League colleges like Harvard and Yale. From experience, education abroad offers transformative experiences—networking, global perspectives, and endless academic opportunities. On the hand, WEDCO will support 25 young students from informal settlements through building entrepreneurship and life skills and give them a chance to pursue their dreams"

NCBA Group Managing Director John Gachora noted at the Education Cheque handover event, “At NCBA, we share a commitment to foster education and inspire greatness, shape the narrative for the future. I continue to uphold this pledge by driving change through NCBA's 'Change the Story' Sustainability initiative," 

"We are celebrating the power of education! Through partnerships with organizations like Edumed Trust, Palmhouse Foundation, and others, NCBA is ensuring access to quality education for students across Kenya. Together, we're shaping a brighter tomorrow!"

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