Climate expert on why it is so hot in Nairobi (high temperatures cause)

Climate expert on why it is so hot in Nairobi (high temperatures cause)

Many Nairobi residents have lately indicated that they have been experiencing abnormally high temperatures (day and night). Climate experts say that this will continue until mid-March or April. Below is what the University of Nairobi Climate Professor had to say about why it is hot in Nairobi.

Why is it so hot in Nairobi? (High Temperatures Cause)

According to the University of Nairobi climate Professor Gilbert Ouma, temperatures in Nairobi usually range from 24 to 25 degrees Celsius. So, when it reaches 28 degrees, it starts feeling warm. Currently, we've been experiencing a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius, which is very, very warm, and this has been ongoing for about 2 weeks.

During this period of the year, the pressure systems of the North become more intense than the pressure systems to the South, mainly because the sun is positioned more to the South than to the North. As a result, our rain belt is pushed to the South. Consequently, the winds flow through Kenya from the North, traversing the continent. In the northern part of Africa, we have deserts. This leads to hot, dry winds descending towards our region without any moisture in them. Therefore, during the period of December, January, and February, it is usually hot and dry.

As we head into March, we anticipate the onset of rain. While there may be delays, they will eventually come, marking the transition to lower temperatures.

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