Kenya Power Statistics on Electricity Grid Network

Kenya Power Statistics on Electricity Grid Network

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Plc (KPLC) on Feb 20, 2024, released their Operational Performance Report for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2023-2024. Below are statistics on the Electricity Grid Network

Kenya Power Electricity Grid Network stats

  • 7,204 Kms of Transmission lines of which 3,460Kms, 9,121 towers Belong to KPLC
  • 105 No Transmission Substations out of which 63 No are owned by KPLC
  • Additional 243 No Sub-Transmission Substations in service owned by KPLC
  • 92,832 KMs of HV & MV 
  • 74,700 No Distribution Transformers
  • 217,784 Kms of LV lines
  • Operates and maintains 56 off-grid stations out of which 30 are thermal and 26 Solar mini grids.

The Kenya Power report also shows that there are 9.53 million Customer Meters.

During the release of the report, KPLC CEO Joseph Siror indicated that KPLC has successfully installed 67,000 smart meters targeting SMEs and the Meter Data Management Infrastructure. Smart meters provide real-time monitoring and remote reading, offering consumers the ability to effortlessly track and get a clear picture of their electricity consumption patterns.

By the end of 2023, KPLC managed to connect a total of 256,206 new customers. The company aims to connect 4 million additional households by 2030.

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