KPLC report on sources of power in Kenya

KPLC report on sources of power in Kenya

Kenya Power & Lighting Company Plc CEO, Joseph Siror on February 20, 2024, shared the main points from KPLC's Operational Performance Report for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2023-2024. He also shared highlights of the main sources of power in Kenya.

The CEO indicated that KPLC got power from various sources, like Geothermal, Hydro, Wind, and Solar. These sources played a big part in keeping the lights on in Kenya. 

KPLC Sources of Power in Kenya

Below is a Breakdown of Power Sources:

  • Geothermal: 40%
  • Hydro: 24%
  • Wind: 17%
  • Thermal (Diesel): 5%
  • Cross Border Import: 11%
  • Solar: 3%

These numbers show where KPLC gets power from.

Commenting on the cost of electricity in Kenya, Siror noted that there are many components that go into the final cost of electricity. In Kenya, the power generation mix is predominantly green, resulting in competitively priced power compared to other regions in the continent.

Source of information: KPLC

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