KRA on iCMS system issues and what traders should do

KRA on iCMS system issues and what traders should do

Kenya Revenue Authority has noted that the trade facilitation platform and iCMS systems are facing challenges and provided alternative options for traders. Below is a statement by KRA over the same

KRA iCMS system and Trade Facilitation Platform Issues - Solution

In order to optimize your experience with the Trade Facilitation Platform (TFP) and iCMS systems, you may experience some mapping challenges. We request your patience while our technical teams diligently address these issues.

In the meantime, we propose a workaround where all Exporters utilize the UCR option in TFP to generate Export permits. After the permit is approved, please submit this to the Head Verification Officer (HVO) at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) at the respective station, for facilitation.

We are also implementing an alternative solution for imports, which we will share in due course.

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