Amref and Daystar University to Host EdTech Conference in Nairobi

Amref and Daystar University to Host EdTech Conference in Nairobi

Daystart University and Amhref International University (AMIU) will be hosting Higher Education eLearning Technologies International Conference (HiETeC-2024) conference in Nairobi. Below is an edited statement by the vice chancellor of AMREF International University, Prof Joachim Osur about the conference.

Higher Education eLearning Technologies International Conference

There is a transformation happening in the higher education sector, with traditional methods of teaching and learning undergoing significant changes. People are increasingly turning to technology and e-learning. However, issues related to internet access and the availability of gadgets need to be discussed, as students may not always have access to them. Quality concerns also surround the programs delivered virtually, along with the necessary adherence to policies in e-learning.

This is an emerging area with numerous aspects that require thorough discussion. Recognizing this, Daystar University and Amref International University are co-hosting a vital conference on higher education, technology, and e-learning. The conference is scheduled to take place at Daystar University's Nairobi campus from the 21st to the 23rd of February 2024.

Whether you are a stakeholder in higher education, such as a student or a provider of internet services, or someone concerned about the quality of education and interested in this transformative process, you must attend this conference. We invite you to be part of the discussions and contribute to finding solutions that will make e-learning and technology relevant to our context.

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