Calendar of the National Assembly for 2024

Calendar of the National Assembly for 2024

The Kenyan National Assembly has today published 2024 calendar for regular sessions. The calendar is expected to run from 13th February 2024 to 5th December 2024 including short and log recesses. Below are scheduled dates. 

Calendar of the National Assembly for 2024

The days and time of sittings shall be as follows;

  • Tuesdays: Afternoon only
  • Wednesdays: Morning and Afternoon
  • Thursdays: Afternoon only


  • A. Sitting Days: Tuesday, 13th February - Thursday, 21st March 2024
  • B. Short Recess: Friday, 22nd March - Monday, 8th April 2024
  • C. Sitting Days: Tuesday, 9th April - Thursday, 2nd May 2024
  • D. Long Recess: Friday, 3rd May - Monday, 3rd June 2024

Annual Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, 30th May 2024


  • E. Sitting Days: Tuesday, 4th June - Thursday, 4th July 2024
  • F. Short Recess: Friday, 5th July - Monday, 22nd July 2024
  • G. Sitting Days: Tuesday, 23rd July - Thursday, 15th August 2024
  • H. Long Recess: Friday, 16th August - Monday, 9th September 2024


  • I. Sitting Days: Tuesday, 10th September - Thursday, 10th October 2024
  • J. Short Recess: Friday, 11th October - Monday, 28th October 2024
  • K. Sitting Days: Tuesday, 29th October - Thursday, 5th December 2024
  • L. Long Recess: Friday, 6th December 2024 - Monday, 10th February 2025

Annual suspension of Committee Sittings from 16th December 2024 to 26th January 2025

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