Nation Media on rising cases of misinformation on social media

Nation Media on rising cases of misinformation on social media

Nation Media Group has issued a statement condemning the rising cases of misinformation targeting its brands. This involves politically instigated hashtags trending on Twitter painting the Nation Media Group brands negatively through photoshops and distortion of headlines. Below is the company's statement. 

Nation Media Group Statement on Misinformation on Social Media

Over the last few weeks, NMG has witnessed an online misinformation campaign whose sole objective has been to discredit and drive a false narrative about the organisation and the content on its platforms

NMG wishes to reiterate that all content about itself as a company is, and will continue to be, published on its official website and social media platforms. In addition to this, all news content can be confirmed on NMG's official news websites and verified social media accounts. 

We, therefore, urge our readers and viewers to corroborate suspicious headlines, news items and memos bearing NMG's mastheads or logos, but not originating from our platforms, against our official websites and social media pages.

Should you wish to report any misleading information or account, please reach out to us at

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