Kenya's Renewable Energy Capacity Surges to 2776.3MW

Kenya's Renewable Energy Capacity Surges to 2776.3MW

According to the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), the installed capacity of renewable energy sources in Kenya reached 2,776.3 MW as of December 2023, constituting 79.56% of Kenya's total installed capacity.

This renewable energy capacity is composed of 2,429.2 MW of interconnected renewable energy and 344.6 MW of captive renewable energy capacity.

The breakdown of the installed renewable energy capacity by technology is as follows:

  • Geothermal: 943.7 GWh
  • Hydro: 872.4 GWh
  • Wind: 436.1 GWh
  • Solar: 410.4 GWh
  • Bioenergy: 113.8 GWh

According to a statement by the Kenyan Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO), the Olkaria Power Plants are now capable of producing a total capacity of 755 MW from KenGen. Additionally, the Orpower facility is contributing 150 MW, while the Menengai geothermal project is adding 35 MW to the grid.

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