Pharmacy and Poisons Board May 2024 Exam Dates Announced

Pharmacy and Poisons Board May 2024 Exam Dates Announced

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board has announced dates for upcoming Professional Exams for May 2024. The exams, which include Pre-registration (Stage I & II) and Pre-Enrolment (Level I & II) exams, will take place from May 27th to 31st.

The exams will be conducted entirely online, with candidates required to access the exams through the PPB online services portal. Candidates must apply for the exams by May 10th, 2024, and select their preferred examination center, which may be subject to change.

To participate, candidates must have access to a suitable computer device with internet connectivity and sufficient battery life to run the exam for at least 3 hours. The Board will also be offering mock exams to help candidates familiarize themselves with the online examination platform.

Candidates with disabilities or health issues that may affect their ability to sit for the online exams are advised to notify the Board in writing, accompanied by supporting medical evidence, as soon as possible.

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