Kenya signs agreement with Grammys, NBA, and Invention Studios

Kenya signs agreement with Grammys, NBA, and Invention Studios

Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports, Ababu-Namwamba today announced that the Government of Kenya had signed an agreement with Invention Studios, based in Hollywood, Grammys, and NBA. Below is part of the statement delivered by the CS that has been slightly edited. 

Grammys, NBA, and Invention Studios agreement with Kenyan Government

Three important agreements were signed on behalf of our ministry, the government, and our country. The first agreement involved the National Basketball Association (NBA), aiming to bring the NBA to Kenya and Africa. The second agreement was made with the Grammys to bring their benefits and pedigree to Kenyan and African music and the African art scene. Lastly, an agreement with Invention Studios was signed to build partnerships in the film industry.

I share these details because it is common for people to question why the president and government officials travel to different capitals worldwide. I want to emphasize that one of the reasons for our travels is to explore available opportunities and forge partnerships that can make a difference in the lives of our people.

It is often perceived lightly when dealing with government agreements with partners worldwide. Some may think these deals won't go beyond the paper on which they are written. However, I want to assure you that when we sign agreements, it is with a substantive agenda that we aim to advance through the partnerships we forge.

In September, photos were shared of myself and Nicholas signing these agreements at the Kenyan consulate in Los Angeles. While some may have considered it a mere photo op, it was more than that. Our travels are not just for the sake of traveling, and we do not sign things just for the sake of signing them.

When we put pen to paper, it is because we have a substantive agenda that we seek to advance through the partnerships we are forging. Currently, the NBA has already opened an office in Nairobi and established two elite basketball courts at the Kenya Academy of Sports in Kasarani. A robust basketball development program is being implemented across our entire schooling ecosystem as part of the agreement signed with the NBA in New York in September 2023.

The partnership with the Grammys has also taken root, with an implementation framework agreed upon during a meeting with Mr. Panos A. Panay, the President of the Grammys. I recently attended the 66th Grammys award at the Arena in LA, where we discussed progress and adopted implementation metrics.

Our commitment to these partnerships is evident, and we are actively working towards the implementation of the agreements signed last September.

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