Tracking Passport Application status through SMS Code 22222

Tracking Passport Application status through SMS Code 22222

The Directorate of Immigration Services has announced that it has today received a fresh supply of 112,700 new passport booklets to help address the ongoing backlog of applications. This includes 92,400 booklets with 50 pages and 20,300 with 66 pages.

This new shipment comes just a week after the Directorate received 50,000 50-page passport booklets. Additional booklets, including the smaller 34-page version, have been procured and are expected to arrive starting next month.

In an effort to clear the backlog as quickly as possible, the Immigration Services says passports will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants who have pending requests for the 34-page passport but need to travel urgently are advised to upgrade their application to the 50-page booklet through the eCitizen online portal. No visit to an immigration office is required for this upgrade.

How to track Pass Passport Application Status - Kenya

Those with pending applications or awaiting passport pickup can check the status by sending a text message with their eCitizen reference code to 22222.

To increase capacity for issuing new passports faster, the Directorate has purchased two new modern passport printing machines set to be commissioned in April 2024. New servers have also been installed to stabilize systems and secure data.

Larger renovation plans are also underway to upgrade immigration facilities to create a more user-friendly environment that can accommodate the high volume of applicants.

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