KEBS Orders Recall of SBL Innovative GPC organic Fertilizer

KEBS Orders Recall of SBL Innovative GPC organic Fertilizer

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has today ordered the recall of SBL Innovative's GPC organic fertilizer after an investigation found their products failed to meet required standards. 

KEBS suspension of GPC Organic Fertilizer

In a statement shared by John-Allan Namu the founder of Africa Uncensored, KEBS says it conducted testing on 59 samples of SBL Innovative Manufacturers's GPC organic fertilizer line. The analysis revealed the fertilizers did not comply with KEBS quality benchmarks.

As a result, KEBS has revoked SBL Innovative's standardization mark certification and ordered the company to immediately recall all of their fertilizer products from the market.

"We have given SBL Innovative strict conditions to uphold the high standards we expect," said KEBS Managing Director Esther Ngari. "We intend to pursue legal action against them to ensure full accountability."

The KEBS crackdown comes after an expose of the fertilizers by Africa Uncensored. KEBS Managing Director Ngari thanked Africa Uncensored, stating, "The intelligence you provided is very helpful. We rely on stakeholders to protect Kenyan consumers."

SBL Innovative had marketed its GPC organic fertilizers as meeting KEBS quality seals. With that certification now withdrawn, the company faces penalties as well as loses

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