NEMA Takes Action to Close Kiamaiko Slaughterhouses

NEMA Takes Action to Close Kiamaiko Slaughterhouses

NEMA has today announced that a multi-agency team has begun enforcing the closure of slaughterhouses in the Kiamaiko area, Nairobi. The move comes after a court order in July 2022 directed the facilities to cease operations due to environmental and health concerns.

The multi-agency team involves the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), as well as representatives from agencies overseeing veterinary services, public health, business permitting, and water/sewerage. 

Action taken to Shutdown Slaughterhouses in the Kiamaiko

The team has agreed to withdraw all government services currently provided to the Kiamaiko slaughterhouses. This includes meat inspection by veterinary staff, public health monitoring, business permits from the county, and water/sewerage services.

Without these essential services, the slaughtering of goats and other operations at the facilities will effectively be paralyzed due to the illegality of continuing under current conditions.

Why Kiamaiko Slaughterhouses are being closed

The key issues cited for closer are improper handling of blood, offal, and wastewater discharge in violation of 2006 water quality regulations. For years, the government has pushed for Kiamaiko slaughterhouses to relocate to a licensed site in Njiru, but they have not complied.

NEMA stresses that the intent is not to hamper the legal meat trade or shut down butcheries. Rather, it is to address specific environmental and health deficiencies at the slaughterhouse facilities themselves that degrade surrounding areas.

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