Govt Directs Public Institutions to Advertise Through KBC

Govt Directs Public Institutions to Advertise Through KBC

In a new policy announced on March 7, 2024, the Government has directed that all public sector advertising (radio and television) from ministries, agencies, commissions and public universities must go through the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). 

Government Directive on Advertising through KBC

PS Edward Kisiangiani says the move aims to revive the struggling KBC by ensuring it gets a steady stream of advertising revenue from the public sector. It also follows a 2015 directive to centralize all government advertising through the Government Advertising Agency (GAA) to reduce costs.

"The Government is keen to revive the KBC through a modernization framework that will make it the premier national broadcaster in Africa," said PS Edward Kisiang'ani. 

He cited Section 103 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act allowing direct procurement from public entities if pricing is fair and reasonable. 

The PS indicated that "The national network coverage commanded by KBC gives an assurance for a nationwide reach by advertisers".

The centralization of government advertisings in 2015 aimed to cut costs through coordinated procurement and avoid accumulating debts to media houses. However, the government still owes the media substantial amounts money which the PS says calls for new strategies to ensure services flow smoothly without debt build up.

The government views fully utilizing KBC as aligning with the policy of reviving ailing state entities and ensuring public-private partnerships do not disadvantage them.

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