Judge Mohammed Noor Kullow Faces Removal for Misconduct and Delays

Judge Mohammed Noor Kullow Faces Removal for Misconduct and Delays

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has announced that it has petitioned the President to appoint a tribunal to consider removing Hon. Mr. Justice Mohammed Noor Kullow from the Environment and Land Court. The JSC received five petitions accusing Justice Kullow of violating the Constitution and the Judicial Code of Conduct. 

The JSC's investigation also found that Justice Kullow had delayed or failed to deliver rulings in 116 cases. After reviewing the petitions and its findings, the JSC determined there were grounds to remove Justice Kullow for gross misconduct, incompetence, and violating the judicial code.

"The Commission was satisfied that 3 out of the 5 petitions as well as the proceedings at the Commission's motion had disclosed grounds for the removal of Hon. Justice Kullow," the JSC stated. Two other petitions against him were dismissed.

Magistrate Dismissed for Misconduct

Additionally, the JSC dismissed Hon. Mr. Patrick Wambugu, a Principal Magistrate, from service for gross misconduct. Wambugu was accused of improperly altering bail terms, allowing the release of a person charged with defiling a 6-year-old child, who then fled.

Complaints Against Judiciary 

JSC states in its statement that, From January 2023 to present, it received 85 petitions against judges. It dismissed 37 that were based solely on the merits of a judge's decision. Of the remaining 48 petitions:

  • 30 are pending initial evaluation 
  • 11 are awaiting responses from judges
  • 3 have been accepted for hearings
  • 4 have been sent to the President to appoint tribunals

The Chief Justice's office also referred 4 disciplinary cases against judicial officers to the JSC during this period. The JSC dismissed one officer, dismissed one case for lack of evidence, and has two ongoing cases.

The JSC stated it is committed to ensuring accountability and integrity in the judiciary.

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