Judiciary launches online Causelist portal

Judiciary launches online Causelist portal

Judiciary has today launched http://causelist.court.go.ke, an online portal for advocates to explore their case schedule across all courts in Kenya. This is an enhanced version of what Kenyalaw offers. 

This causelist portal allows lawyers to easily search for causelists based on various parameters such as date, and court division. Advocates can also view information about their cases, including details about the assigned judge, hearing time, and whether the proceedings will be conducted virtually or in person.

Additionally, the Judiciary has introduced Public Kiosks, a platform that users can use to search for court cases. 

How to Access the Judiciary Causelist Portal

  • Visit https://causelist.court.go.ke
  • Select the desired court division and dates
  • Click on the "Get Causelist" button
  • Choose to either download the causelist or view it directly on your browser

The Judiciary will also starting March 11 launch countywide filing of cases online using the https://efiling.court.go.ke/ platform. This is part of the Judiciary's digitization roadmap and the goal of making information easily accessible to both legal professionals and the public.

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