Ministry of Interior names schools whose students blocked Presidential Motorcade

Ministry of Interior names schools whose students blocked Presidential Motorcade

The Ministry of Interior and National Administration has published names of schools whose students blocked the presidential motorcade and those whose buses were used to ferry goons to President William Ruto's function in Kiambu and Muranga. Below is part of the statement from the Ministry of Interior directed at county directors of education and county director of TSC. 

Schools whose students blocked the Presidential Motorcade 

Reference is made to a letter Ref. No. RC/SEC/SECU/1/VOL.IX/16 dated 23rd February 2024 from the Regional Commissioner, Central Region on the above subject matter whose contents are appended below:

During the tour of H.E the President to Kiambu County on 14th February 2024 and 16th February, 2024, the following highlighted activities were regrettably noted:

  • The students of Kirenga Girls Secondary, Kirenga Boys Technical High School and Kirenga Primary School blocked the Presidential Motorcade while enroute to the venue of a Presidential function. These students were intentionally mobilized by teachers for reasons best known to them. 
  • Students of Munyuini Secondary School lined along a route H.E. the President was using, waving placards which were intentioned to seek favors from the President, despite prior caution that they should not portray such.
  • Buses of Muhoho High School, St. Rita Wamwangi High School, and Muthiga Girls Secondary School were intercepted by police while ferrying hired goons to a Presidential function.
  • Students in school uniform were ferried to a venue of Presidential function at Kinale market during learning hours without any invitation and/or authority.

The activities above portray deviation from established norms, head teachers defying valid instructions, inculcating deviant behavior in children, and promoting extortion and further, breaking the law.

The Ministry of Interior states that the principals and head teachers within the affected counties and schools will be held responsible if they are found to have violated any laws. 

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