KPM collected Ksh. 42 Million Music Licensing Fee in Feb - KAMP

KPM collected Ksh. 42 Million Music Licensing Fee in Feb - KAMP

Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) has released a statement indicating that KPM (a combination of KAMP, PRISK, and MCSK) collected Kenya Shillings 42 million in February as music licensing fees. 

KAMP on Music Licensing Fee amount collected by KPM Per Month

As you may be aware, the Kenya Copyright Board recently issued a statement concerning the performance of the CMOs. As KAMP, we have since raised certain issues that were wrongly depicted within their press statement report with an aim for amicable resolution. When receive feedback from KECOBO, we shall duly apprise you of the progress.

On licensing, in the month of February, KPM collected a sum total of KES 42,195,738.60/- out of which KES 8,911,739/- was allocated to KAMP i.e. 21.12% share. We have been able to transfer additional funds to the distribution account from these amounts, which now stands at KES 11,450,137.15/- reflecting a cumulative performance of 59% to the distribution account and 41% spent on direct licensing expenses and administrative costs. Please note that this figure is less of receivables and pending license fees, which when we do receive the same shall be added to the distribution amount thus increasing the percentage.

Our cumulative performance can be better with improved compliance. Unfortunately, we are still struggling to have the broadcasting stations comply with the license fees payments, which are in huge arrears. I am however pleased to report that a meeting has been called by the Communications Authority of Kenya and KECOBO in a bid to address this issue amongst other matters concerning copyright compliance. We shall keep you updated on the progress as this greatly affects our performance.

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