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 What are reasons for the increased use of M-Pesa among Kenyans today

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Advantages of M-pesa

  • Saves time – Mpesa shops are available everywhere.
  • Withdrawing any time – as long as the shops are opened.
  • Conveniently placed – in all towns.
  • Access to account balances / extra information – through phone.
  • Can pay utility bills – e.g. electricity bills.
  • Can deposit any time – as long as the shops are opened.
  • M-pesa can be used to buy goods and services – in a shop / petrol station.
  • Cheaper to operate – less charges.
  • Safer to use – has private pin / password.
  • Withdrawals can be done for oneself behalf – with an ID.
  • Can deposit money in the bank account – through M-banking.
  • Can withdraw money from the bank – through M-banking.

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