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I want to join KMTC this year for a pre-service intake. How do I apply?

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KMTC application is done online using the KMTC portal as indicated below.

  • Go to KMTC portal: https://admissions.kmtc.ac.ke/public/index.php
  • Click register button
  • Fill all the registration details and click register
  • After completing the registration process, Login
  • Determine the intake and programme you want to study
  • Click Application
  • Select pre-service
  • Continue with application process to the end

You will be required to pay Ksh. 2,022 as application fee. 

The minimum requirement of doing a diploma course at KMTC is C (plain). Minimum subject requirements will also be considered depending on the type of course that you want to do.

Kenyayote has written a detailed guide about studying in Kenya Medical College: https://kenyayote.com/studying-in-kmtc-application-admission-to-graduation-steps/

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