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It has an issue with my ID serial number and I cannot get the hang of it.

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If you are not able to login to NTSA TIMS portal because you change ID and therefore the serial number changed, then the best option you have is to visit NTSA office near you to have your details updated.

You will be advised to call or email or tweet NTSA but they hardly respond. You will be among the lucky few if they respond to your inquiry online.

Therefore, visit NTSA office to have your problem sorted.
i would sagest to improve the staff  NTSA  
the service is very poor  
when you call no answer
tweet no reply
email the same
when you visit is loge queue
Hae...my Id has been rejected by your portal please help
This system of serial number update the networks are very low
My id serial number is rejected by your portal please help

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