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Am looking for ways through which I can make money online in Kenya and get paid via mpesa or PayPal. Any genuine ideas?

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There are various ways through which you can make money online Kenya from home. Some of those methods include:

  • Blogging: It takes time to create, grow and start making money from your blog but it is the most recommended approach if you need sustainable income in the long run. It takes about one year of consistent posting of high quality articles to start generating money from your blog. 
  • Doing Online Task: This is a quick way of making money online. All you have to do is look for web sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Uvocorp, Crowdsturf, etc offering online freelance jobs for instance writing, translation, transcribing, design, digital marketing and apply or bid for the available jobs. You will be paid daily, weekly or monthly for each task completed. Disadvantage of this method is that you are at risk of losing your job since you are operating at the mercy of the service provider
  • YouTube: If you have creative video ideas or are a good speaker then YouTube is your best choice. However, it takes time to get 1,000 subscriber to be approved for YouTube ads. Therefore, YouTube is ideal for someone who is not looking for quick income. 
  • Selling Digital Products: You can create your own digital product like design a house plan, write an ebook, prepare revision papers, create class notes, design templates, et.c and sell on digital marketplaces in Kenya like Muthurwa.com. This is a quick way of making money online but you will only get sales for you digital product if it is of high quality and there is demand for it.

For more ways of making money online check: https://kenyayote.com/category/making-money-online/

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