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What are the economic importance of plant excretory products?

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Economic importance of plant excretory products include;

  • Tannis - Used in the treatment of leather; combines with animal protein to form a complex compound that is not easily broken down by animal proteases deposited on dead tissue of wood and barks of trees e.g Acacia, mangroove and wattle trees.
  • Caffeine - Taken as a mild stimulant that increases mental activity and reduces fatigue found in coffee berries and tea leaves.
  • Quinine - Used in the treatment of malaria. It is also found in the back of the cinchona tree and aloe vera leaves.
  • Cocaine - Used as a local anaesthetic if taken in large quantities causes great physical and mental defect, addiction and heart disease. Found in leaves of cocoa plant.
  • Cannabis - Extracted and used in the manufacture of drugs; stored in fruits, flowers and leaves of cannabis sativa.
  • Nicotine - Used in the manufacture of insecticides and narcortic drugs; found in the leaves of tobacco plant.
  • Rubber - Used in the shoe, tyre industry; obtained form latex of rubber plant.
  • Gum Arabica - Used in food processing and printing industry; is an exudate from a variety of acacia trees.
  • Colchicine - Used to induce polyploidism in plants and cancer therapy; it os an alkaloid derived from the plant used in genetics in plants and animal breeding research
  • Papain - Contains proteolytic substance used in the food industry as a meat tenderizer; It is an alkaloid obtained from raw pawpaw fruit skin.
  • Khat - Is a mild stimulant used from medical purposes; obtained from catha edulis (miraa)
  • Morphine - Used as a pain killer and anaesthesia to make patients sense dull and relax; obtained from poppy plant.
  • Heroin - Induces drug dependence hence addictive; it is a drug obtained from morphine and uses as a narcotic.

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