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What are the proofs for the shape of the earth?

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Proofs for the shape of the earth include;

  • Satellite photographs taken from very high altitudes show that the earth has a spherical shape.
  • Visibility of a ship approaching a shore from a distance its appearance is gradual, smoke is seen first gradually until the entire ship is seen.
  • During the eclipse of the moon, a shadow of the earth which is circular appears on the moon only spherical bodies have round/circular shadows.
  • The earth rotates from east to west and the sun appears earlier in the east compared to the west; otherwise if the earth was round, it;s entire surface would receive the sun at the same time.
  • Circumnavigation - it is possible to fly, sail around the earth in the same direction and come back to the same starting point.
  • The distant horizon of the earth viewed from a higher point appears curved and only spherical bodies have curved horizons.
  • When viewed through a telescope, all the other planets, the sun and moon are spherical; the earth being one of the planets is also therefore spherical.
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