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I want to go to Huduma center but I have to book for birth certificate collection. What is the process of booking

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To book an appointment at Huduma Center go to https://appointment.hudumakenya.go.ke/ and register and then select the services and time you want to go to Huduma Center.  Thereafter, click save app. You can book online using your smartphone. All you need is internet connection. 

Appointment time is between 8:00 AM to  4:00 PM

You can book an appointment for CRB Clearance certificate, Birth Certificate services, HELB, KASNEB, KUCCPS, NHIF, NCA, national ID services, NRB, NSSF, NTSA driving license collection, NTSA inquiries, KRA services,  etc.

You do not have to print the appointment receipt. Just provide the appoitment SMS sent to your phone.

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