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What are the benefits that Kenya derives from international trade?

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Benefits that Kenya derives from international trade include;

  • Kenya earns foreign exchange which enables it to import goods from other countries/economic development.
  • The imported industrial inputs have led to growth of manufacturing industries/industralization.
  • Taxation of commodities and services rendered generates revenue for the country.
  • Transport and communication network have been improved to facilitate the movement of goods.
  • International trade has led to monetization of the facilities for handling goods at the port of Mombasa.
  • Employment opportunities have been created in the manufacturing and service industries that handle imports and exports hence improved living standards.
  • Trade has enhanced cooperation between Kenya and her trading partners.
  • Trade encourages specialization which leads to production of high quality goods.
  • Kenya is able to import what it needs from other countries thus meeting the needs of the citizens.

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