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What is A CDS1 form and what details are required to filled in the form

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CDS 1 is a form that you required to fill when opening a CDS account. The form has to be signed by your Central Depository Agent (CDA). Some of the details that you are required to fill in the CDS1 form include:

  • Names
  • Business Names if company or organization
  • ID or Passport Number
  • KRA PIN number
  • Physical address according to your utility bill
  • Post code
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Source of funds
  • Next of Kin Name, phone number and email address
  • Bank account details  

Download pdf of CDS 1 form (issued by the Central Depository Settlement Corporation): https://www.cdsckenya.com/products-services/cds-forms

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