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What is the average cost of fixing ties per square metre?

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The price of fixing tiles in Kenya per square meter ranges from Ksh. 300 to Ksh. 500. Price varies depending on location and type of tiles.

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This is good but as a tiler, I think it's high time we start basing or rather relating our labor cost to the cost of materials within a certain percentage. It's really difficult to increase these rates and yet the cost of living is going high every day. so if we say like 30% cost of materials is your labour, an increase in the materials cost will automatically increase the labouR
As a tiler and due to fluctuations of cost of living and the cost of living is going higher to everybody. The cost of tile, marble, granite and granito finishing should range from ksh400 to ksh600/m'2. In otherwords it should be almost 35% of materials cost if its plain work not repairs.
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570 ksh to 750 ksh per sq m .  depending on size of a tile...

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