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What were the roles of women in Kenya during the struggle for independence in Kenya?

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Roles of women in Kenya during the struggle for independence in Kenya include;

  • They involved in active resistance against the British such as Mekatilili of the giriama and Moraa of Kisii.
  • They supported political association for example they supported Harry Thuku and the East African Association (EAA)
  • They contributed in the establishment of independent churches and schools
  • They composed and san songs that ridiculed the colonial government and encouraged freedom fighters.
  • They formed political associations such as Mumbi central association
  • Some participated in the constitutional reforms such as Prescilla Abwao who attended the 2nd Lancaster House conference.
  • They demanded the release of detained or arrested freedom fighters such as Harry Thuku.
  • They supplied food and arms to the freedom fighters in their hideouts.
  • They acted as spies for the freedom fighters.
  • Women took part in oathing and administered oath of secrecy.
  • They kept their homes intact as the men continued with their struggle.
  • They endured pain and suffering inflicted by the colonial government for the sake of liberation. 

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