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What were the political organisation of the Agikuyu in pre-colonial period?

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Political organisation of the Agikuyu in pre-colonial period include;

  • Decentralized political system.
  • Smallest political unit was family led by the father.
  • Several families made up a clan
  • Clan was the basic political unit and it occupied a territorial unit (mbari) usually along one ridge.
  • Each clan was ruled by a council of elders – kiama
  • Functions of council of elders included solving land disputes and presiding over religious ceremonies.
  • Above the council of elders was the senior council of elders called kiama kia nduudu.
  • Kiama kia nduudu was the final court for appeal and dealt with civil and criminal cases.
  • They practiced an age set system which provided warriors
  • The warriors defended the communities from external attacks.
  • They had ritual experts like prophets, medicine men and diviners.

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