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I am Zacheaus Thiauri Master's student at JKUAT.

What is the current student's population of Universities within Kiambu County,Per University? That is K.U, JKUAT, MKU, ZETECH, GRETSA, ST PAUL and PRESBYTERIAN UNIVERSITY. Need data for my research Kindly help.


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Below is the student population for various universities in Kenya.

  • Kenyatta University student population: 70,000 (according to 2016 data)
  • JKUAT Student population: 45,000 (according to February 2018 data)
  • Mount Kenya University student population: 40, 000 (according to 2020 data)
  • Zetech University student population: 5,000 (according to 2019 data)
  • Gretsa University student population (no data available yet)
  • St. Paul’s University student population: 6000 (according to October 2018 data)
  • The Presbyterian University of East Africa student population: 2800 (according to 2016 data)

This is data we managed to obtain from official university sources. We will update this answer if we receive any new data.

Thanks a lot. Will be glad if you manage to get more especially the latest data.

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