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How is seeds and fruits are adapted for dispersal?

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Seed and fruit adaptation for dispersal include;

  • Some fruits have dry pods with lines of weakness which splits open and forcefully dispersing the seeds.
  • Some fruits /seeds being small in size/ light in weight reduce their density and float in air.
  • Some seeds/ fruits have hooks so that they may cling to animals bodies for as they pass.
  • Some fruits have thick fibrous walls with air pockets protecting seeds from absorbing water enhancing floatation in water hence transported to far off places.
  • Some fruits seeds have floating wings to increase the surface area for buoyancy in air.
  • Some seed/ coat testa are resistant to enzymatic digestion in animal’s digestion system.
  • Seed /coat impermeable to water; to allow seed to remain viable for a long period.
  • Some fruits being succulent to attract animals to feed on them.
  • Fruits being brightly colored to attract animals to feed on them.
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