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How much do you need to pay to get compliance certificate.

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You are required to have paid alteast ksh. 1500 to get a compliance certificate. Those that have been consistently paying HELB loan for at least six months automatically qualify for compliance certificate.

Compliance certificate is issued annually.
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Feeding practices undertaken on calves up to weaning include;

  • Ensure calf suckle within 8 hours to get colostrum
  • Feed calf with colostrum for first four days
  • Feed calf 2-3 times a day for the first 4 weeks
  • Feed correct amount of milk up to weaning.
  • Introduce feeding of whole milk after 4th day
  •  Feed call with whole milk at regular intervals
  • Provide adequate clean water 3rd week
  • Introduce palatable dry feeds and concentrates 3rd week
  • For any changes in feed should be done gradually to avoid disorders.
  • Clean equipment’s should be used for feeding calves
  • Calf should be trained to suck milk from the bucket.
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