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So I withdrew cash from PayPal Mpesa but Thunes agency sent the fund to my old number which I don't have access. The number is out of services but the money is still there. Actually the number was given to another person by Safaricom. Can Thunes reserves the fund to my PayPal coz that's a lot of cash to loose. Mpesa Agent doesn't have a away to request the fund as well as PayPal agent.

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If you want to request a PayPal refund for a withdrawal made to Mpesa phone number using Thunes service, then the best thing to do is to reach out to Thunes via email at support@thunes.com or fill out this contact form provided by Thunes. 

They do take time to reply, therefore you have to be patient.

We highly encourage people to use PayPal to Equity service as it only takes one day and you can easily reach Equity Bank in case of any problem.

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