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  1. When is the recruiting going to take place ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  2. What if I have the added advantages mentioned above like a certificate in first aid , leadership abilities like a Team leader in previous Field the percentage of landing the job?
  3. Can you be given some time off incase of a committed co-assigntmen like,studies
  4. Does the training contained for the system
  5. Does the organization supportive or offers team workshops
  6. What incase of an emergency how does the company responds to the emergency incase scenerio for my immediate family.
  7. Is the organization capable of providing Justice incase of any issue in within the team
  8. Does the organization offer retirement year's with it's accolades.
  9. How does the organization respond incase of workers failure to stick by the rules?
  10. Do you employ on contract basis or permanent basis.
  11. Can the organization be capable of providing me with possible gears at work.
  12. Is there any form of technology communication given Incas of emergency.
  13. Is there any way the organization teaches the right of workers and freedom of expressing themselves through forums.
  14. Does the organization stick to the chain of command incase of any rising matter.
  15. Does the organization give transfer incase of climate change?
  16. Are there organization rule's given out to fellow individuals maybe of different ranks
  17. Can there be provision of  extra protection incase of hostlie and lethal areas.
  18. What's the organization policies
  19. Provision of advance
  20. Means of payment
  21. Is there any chance of working outside your country.

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