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What were the political effects of the Second World War?

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Political effects of the Second World War include;

  • The war led to the rise of two super powers, USA & USSR
  • Communist zone was extended to include nearly half the continent of Europe resulting into an “iron curtain” that geographically divided Europe.
  • Led to cold war, an ideological and economic struggle between the opposing blocks
  • With Eastern Europe dominated by former Soviet Union the weakened Western powers had to receive assistance from USA to prevent them from failing into communist hands.
  • UNO was founded in 1945 to promote peace, security and international co-operation.
  • Led to division of Germany into East & West Germany
  • Led to creation of state of Israel aimed at settling the Jews.
  • It catalyzed the movement towards decolonization. It intensified the struggle for independence in the colonies.
  • With introduction of Marshal’s plan, USA found herself getting more involved in European affairs.
  • The war led to the production of nuclear weapons. The world had to live under the threats of a nuclear war.

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