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Why did the FRELIMO succeed in the armed struggle against the Portuguese?

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Frelimo succeeded in armed struggle against the Portuguese because;

  • Frelimo had a large number of fighters
  • FRELIMO used guerilla tactics
  • Local people gave logistical support of where about of Portuguese army
  • Movement cultivated its own food
  • Frelimo got military support from African countries
  • Role of O.A.U (organization of African Unity) united the independent African countries against Portuguese.
  • Women mobilized the masses that astonished men to join war.
  • Frelimo tactic of attacking Portuguese at different points at the same time thus Portuguese fighting in different fronts.
  • Lisbon coup that was caused by officers who were anti-government encouraged the FRELIMO.
  • Ethnicity was overcome by free mingling of people.

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