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I want to reset my cp2.knec.ac.ke account password but I have no idea how to do it. What is the procedure of receiving the sms?

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To reset your cp2.knec.ac.ke account login password, follow the procedure below.

  • Go to: https://cp2.knec.ac.ke/
  • Click reset password link
  • Enter the phone number you used during registration in this format (2547******). Do not just enter (07******)
  • The click reset password
  • Your will receive an SMS with login details
Password failed to open how can i do it
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Do you mean the password is not working or?
Opening cp2 failed
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cp2 website is not loading because of high traffic. Try again later.
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I have just reset my password. How do I change it to one that I can easily remember?
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Reset password but not received any message
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Dial *100# and under my subscription activate all promotional messages. Lets us know whether you are receiving the message.
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I want to reset password
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I have followed this procedure severally but I have not received any sms. (details removed).
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Hello Consolatah,

We have tried to reset the password for you. Let us know if you have received the sms
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