Best places to get industrial attachment opportunities in Kenya for continuing students

Before I go any further telling you where and how you can get an industrial attachment opportunity I want to apologize that I do not know the difference between attachment and internship. Everybody has a different definition of the two terms. However, whichever term that I will use in this article I hope you will understand what I mean. If you don’t I will be using the term attachment to mean the training that continuing students take as a course requirement out of school (for instance in a bank, manufacturing firm, media house, restaurant, government firm among many other working places).

Looking for an industrial attachment is one of the most hectic things, unless you are related to someone who knows someone “big” in a company or who might be related to someone who knows someone “big” in a certain organization. I hope you know what I imply by having connections. I hate reasoning this way but I have no otherwise but reason so because this is Kenya. If you have still not understood what I am talking about do not worry, things will change in the near future.  Without further ado, let me go straight to my topic of discussion. Below are best places to get industrial attachment opportunities in Kenya for continuing students.

Ministry of education

The ministry of education understands that students are supposed to go for attachment as a course requirement so they easily provide attachment on a first come first serve basis. It is very  easy to get an attachment opportunity there. Just go with a certificate of good conduct (check here on how to get a certificate of good conduct  How to apply and get a certificate of good conduct  ) and you will be told which day to report for your attachment. As simple as that. The Ministry of education headquarters in Nairobi are located in Jogoo House B’, Harambee Avenue. You still have no idea what Harambee Avenue is? Contact us here.

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Ministry of Information

It normally offers attachment for IT students. Just go with your certificate of good conduct and you will be attachment, it is that simple. Ministry of information is located in Telposta Towers, Kenyatta.

Kenya institute Of curriculum development (KICD) formerly known as KIE

Cool place to go for attachment more so if you are doing any course related to media. KICD is an educational institution and they understand what attachment is. KICD is located in Desai Rd, off Muranga road-Near Ngara main stage. I encourage you to personally take you letter but if you can’t, send it through P.O. Box 30231 – 00100, Nairobi Kenya.

Industrial training Attachment portal

I don’t know more about this website but friends told me that it is one of the best websites to get an attachment opportunity online. Just sign up through http://www.attachmentkenya.organd and follow the instructions.

Career point Kenya

You can also search and apply for industrial attachment opportunities available at


Do you know of any best industrial Attachment company that we have not listed? Let us know in the comment section below. You an also share places that you know which offer internship opportunities in Kenya below.

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