Young entrepreneur focus of the week is Cornelius Kiptum who makes ksh. 50k monthly through chicken rearing

Entrepreneurship is the way to go. The number of students moving out of college or university is more than the available jobs. This implies that only the best and lucky one can get the jobs. Walter Murimi the founder of and a life coach would tell you that it is either you start following the entrepreneur way now or graduate and become a slave of somebody or some firm.

Running your own business is the best thing you can ever think of. If you work hard and succeed your business succeeds and you brand name grows. Therefore, today our young entrepreneur focus of the week goes to Cornelius Kiptum who makes ksh. 50k monthly profit through chicken rearing.

Cornelius Kiptum was born and grew up in Baringo County. Kiptum runs several other businesses but today we are going to focus on his chicken rearing business. Here is what he had to share about his chicken business.

Capital required to start a chicken rearing business

Cornelius Kiptum explains that the capital required to start chicken rearing business depends on what one can afford but for him he begun with 600 chicks. A one day old chick which can be purchased from any Kenchic poultry shop goes at ksh. 120 but the price may be less than that depending on where you are. Cornelius Kiptum invested ksh. 72,000 to acquire the 600 chicks. Do not be worried if you can’t afford that. Begin with  what you can afford. You will one day get there.

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Expenses of Rearing Chicks to Maturity

  • Rearing chicks is the most challenging part in the chicken business. Young chicks require warmth throughout. This means that you will have to light a Jiko for them at night using charcoal.
  • Chicks also require man-made feeds. Feeds for rearing chicks go at ksh. 3200 per 50kg bag. For Cornelius Kiptum, the 600 chicks consume the entire 50kg bag of chick mash in about 3 days.
  • Other expenses of rearing chicken include vaccination and antibacterial costs.

Chicken market

Cornelius Kiptum tells that he sells most of his eggs to local customers and shops. He says that demand for eggs is so high than he can provide.


It takes about 6 months for chicks to fully mature and start laying eggs. Cornelius Kiptum says he collects about 500 eggs in a day from his hens. He sells each eggs at ksh. 10 in the local market. This means that he gets ksh. 5,000 from the sale of the eggs which translates to ksh. 150,000 per month.

After removing all the expenses Kiptum remains with about ksh. 50,000 profit which he saves. Kiptum is aspiring to buy his own incubator.

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