tree planting competition in Kenya announced by cs machogu

Government to introduce tree planting competition in schools, CS Machogu



Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has announced that schools will start competing based on the number of trees they have planted. A ranking system will be implemented to determine which school has planted the highest number of trees. According to the CS, this initiative aims to encourage schools to prioritize tree planting as a means to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

In order to promote this competition, teachers have been tasked with instilling a culture of planting and growing trees among students. Incorporating this practice into the educational system will help raise awareness about the importance of trees and their role in combating climate change.

CS Ezekiel Machogu further noted that the planting of trees will now be included as a performance metric in school heads’ performance contracts. This means that the success of school heads will also be evaluated based on the number of trees planted and nurtured under their leadership.

By integrating tree planting into the education system and holding schools accountable for their efforts, the government aims to foster a sustainable and environmentally conscious mindset among students and the broader community.

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