Theft in Nairobi Matatus and How to avoid it

Theft in Nairobi Matatus and How to avoid it



The matatu business is a very thriving business in our towns today. To be specific, Nairobi town, being as busy as it always is, has matatus both operating in the city centre and also outside the town. As a result of this availability of transport, many people often prefer to use this mode of transport compared to personal vehicles.

Theft in Nairobi Matatus and How to avoid it
Theft in Nairobi Matatus and How to avoid it/Photo

It is however sad, that there are some thieves that have come to make this their hotbed for business. Considering the fact that, many of these bus terminals are always busy, it is always hard to distinguish between who is genuinely travelling and who is not. It is therefor important to hold on to these facts when using public transport in Nairobi.

Be conscious of your surrounding

Unlike the comfort of your car, the matatu is not always very comfortable. To be precise, there is always a commotion when boarding them. It is here that thieves thrive in. It has been noted that as people as squeezing together to get a seat in the matatu, thieves will also been in that confusion, their agenda not being to get the seat, but to get your wallet or your phone. It is therefor advisable that you carry your bag from the front and not the side or the back. This should give you a clear view of what is going on.

Avoid sleeping in the matatu

To some people is is always almost impossible to be awake in a moving matatu. However, this is always a through pass for the thief. Once you lose your consciousness, you become a very easy target to your neighbor. Make sure you are aware of what is going on around you.

Always have your fare in your hand

It is advisable to have your fare in your hand before you pay. This will leave the thief guessing where your wallet is because they didn’t see you remove it.

Avoid traveling with valuables

Always try your best not to travel with things like laptops or mac books. If you can, leave them behind or have someone using a personal vehicle bring them to you. This is because, these items have a specific bag used to carry them. By carrying this bag you will be advertising yourself as an easy target.

Believe in your inner voice

The point here is that you should always trust in that soft voice telling you not to go into that dark matatu. If you find that the music is too loud for your liking, kindly just alight and get another matatu. This will give you peace of mind instead of regrets later on.

Avoid strangers

This saying is not new to many of us. It is actually helpful because you will never know why someone is being really good to you especially if you just met them. Most of these people are always after your trust so that you do not suspect them of doing you any harm.

These pointers should help someone out there or even the community as a whole.

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