swot and pest analysis of Nokia

SWOT and PESTEL Analysis of Nokia

SWOT and PESTEL Analysis of Nokia

In my earlier post I gave a detailed discussion of Nokia’s management, marketing, production, company profile and corporate social responsibility. In this paper i will discuss about the swot and pestel analysis of Nokia.

Swot analysis of Nokia

  • Strength

Nokia has the largest distribution of cell phones around the globe

Nokia’s phones are durable

It has remained the top world cell phone company

Nokia’s cell phones are innovative

  • Weakness

High prices of its mobile phones compared to its competitors

Low presences of its phones in the US

  • Opportunities

Growth in demand of mobile phones

High demand of Nokia brand phones because of durability

  • Threats

Growth of Samsung mobile phone market

Increase of cheap china made phones in the industry

Similarity of Nokia’s phones with china made phone

Pestel analysis of nokia

  • Political

-government health regulations

-safety regulation from the government

Government relation with Nokia

  • Economic

Changes in exchange rates


Decrease of employees rendering people jobless

  • Social

Culture of the society-fashion taste

  • Technology

Innovation- (internet, software, application and email access)

  • Legal

Copyright and trademark protection

Counterfeit protection

  • Environment

Ethical manufacturing

Protection of global warming

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