How to survive your first month of employment when broke, what to do when your are broke

How to survive your first month of employment when broke



Now that you have received that appointment letter and signed the contract, your status changes from unemployed to employed. You are overly super excited and cannot hide your joy. You call all the people that have been walking the job seeking journey with you and share the news. You even celebrate the way only you knows how. And then the excitement is over and you are hit by reality. You realize you need transport,official clothes and extra change.How will you make it through your first month?

Go the mitumba way

Don’t stress yourself about what you are going to wear.But instead use the little money you have to visit an open air market near you.With as little as Kshs. 1000 you can purchase trousers/skirts,shirts/blouses,blazers/coats.You can buy two to three of each and mix and match throughout the month.

Have heavy breakfast

Get something heavy to have for breakfast.Better yet, you can have the previous night’s leftovers and you will be good to go for the whole day.A light snack during the day can do the trick.You can also make use of the office tea.If you are the kind of person who can’t take anything too early in the morning, you can carry your own food.Anything to cut on spending.

Avoid morning rush hours

This particularly applies to those in Nairobi as most towns’ fare remain constant. Catch a matatu before six in the morning. Also do your research and know which one charge cheapest. You might arrive in the office abit earlier but that shouldn’t matter. Atleast you would have saved since it’s tricky to avoid evening rush hours.


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