How to support your child’s talent while ensuring they perform well in school

Being a parent to a multi talented child is a pride to every parent. Nevertheless,the challenge always lies in balancing their two sides of life.Because if not carefully,monitored either side will suffer and at most times, it is their studies. Have you realized your child’s talent and would really like to support them without compromising their studies? Here is how;


Let them know from the start that their studies take the 1st place


Sit them down and carefully explain that you are ready to support their talent given that it doesn’t affect their studies.Let them know that if there comes a time that either of the two is compromised, then their talent will have to be paused,atleast until they complete their studies. This way, you would have set the boundaries right from the start and that will motivate them to try as much as they can to balance the two.

Help them work out a schedule for the two.

Now that you have a common understanding, it’s time to help then draw a schedule. Allocate more time for studies and set aside a few hours a week for their talent.Be strict and let practice only on schedule. If they are in boarding school you can let their talent teacher know whst you expect of your child. Let them know that you support them and authorize their participation. Schools always have strict schedules for this.

Hire a tutor for them

Since you decided to support that talent, do not let it go to waste. Yes, studies are important but one can never tell where your child’s talent can lead them. Maybe it’s the one will open more doors in the future. Get them professional guide. Hire a private tutor for them and enroll them in kid’s talent auditions. Expose them to the outside world and let them know you are proud of them. That way, they will not be overtaken by the wind of famous in the future. If that day comes that they will be famous, they would have been already exposed hence wouldn’t make a great deal out of it.

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