How to add a school

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Adding a school to Kenyayote Schools directory.

Schools on this page are added by alumni, students, teachers, parents, Kenyayote Staff, and people like you. We are trying to build a reliable and up-to-date directory of schools in Kenya supported by people like you.

Let people know...

  • Let people know about your school.
  • Let people know how to contact your schools
  • Let people know where your school is located
  • Let people know what studies your school offers


You can help us improve the quality of information by clicking edit on top of each page and making your contribution. You can also add a missing school as explained below.

The best method of adding your school is using the search form below

How to add your school

  • To add a new school, enter the school name for example Nairobi Secondary School and then click the Search button below. A new page will open, click on Click Here To Add New Page Titled link if your school is not available in the search results and fill in the blank form with a description of your school, school profile, school county, constituency, ward, phone contact, email contact, P.O BOX number, alumni, and courses offered for Universities and Colleges, etc.

  • After you have provided all the required information, click Save Page
  • Your submission will be reviewed, edited, and approved.

NOTE: Do not add school if it exists in the search results. Instead, edit school details.

Examples of schools added

Here are examples of submitted schools.

NOTE: Kenyayote Schools directory is built by the public. Anyone can edit school details or submit new a school.